Fuzzy Math

Since 2011, I’ve helped Fuzzy Math’s clients better understand the people, processes, and systems that make up their products and services, and have helped design systems spanning devices and industries. As the first full-time UX hire at Fuzzy Math, I’ve also been a part of growing internal practices and culture.

Client work

As a project lead, I work directly with clients to learn about their business and the challenges they face, as well as ensuring high quality design work is delivered on time. My client project work includes everything from initial project strategy through research and discovery, information architecture, wireframes, and prototypes. I coordinate and collaborate with our visual designers as well as developers, either at Fuzzy Math, our clients, or a third-party organization, throughout projects to ensure designs are communicated clearly and final deliverables represent a complete, usable system.

In addition to design work, I also help educate clients on modern technologies and UX processes in order to build out their design practice and extend our work beyond our engagements.

Culture and process

Outside of client work, I’ve worked on many internal initiatives including helping to plan, organize, and run a Chicago Ideas Week session, planning and building Fuzzy Math websites, and many blog posts and newsletter articles. I help mentor new employees and interns, and organize office events and outings.


  • project management
  • design strategy
  • research
  • interaction design
  • design education
  • internal process and culture development
  • ... and more!


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